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February 3rd, 2012 3:19 PM


    Although it may seem like an urban myth, it is possible to receive your full security deposit back after move- out. The following tips will help tenants comply with Armadillo Properties’ move-out policies and procedures; which you can find in their entirety in the Landlord’s Rules and Regulations booklet issued to you at move in, and available for viewing here:

    When we receive move-out notices from our tenants, they are given a “rental unit move out cleaning checklist.” The checklist goes into specific detail on exactly what to do when moving out of an Armadillo Properties rental unit. It covers, the cleaning of the exterior, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, & much more.

    The tenant is responsible for ensuring the unit meets Armadillo Properties’ standards when they turn the keys over to our staff. If our move-out inspection determines there are still cleaning requirements that need to be met after the tenant moves out, a professional cleaning team will be hired and the bill for the cleaning will be taken out of the security deposit. To avoid this, be sure to clean the areas that are often overlooked: the fireplace, baseboards, doors, door frames, windows, sinks, screens, ceiling fans, vents, cabinets & drawers, window frames/sills, blinds.

    Per Armadillo Properties’ Residential Leases, tenants are also responsible for having the carpets professionally cleaned just prior to move-out. In order to ensure the carpets are cleaned correctly, tenants should hire companies that employ a 5 point cleaning system. A simple steam cleaning will not get the carpets cleaned to our standard. Any company offering to clean an entire apartment for $50 is probably NOT going to get the carpet clean to standard either. Tenants also need to be aware that hiring a company to clean the carpets often does NOT include removing stains and repairing other damages to carpets. These vendors are only going to do what you ask them to do, so make sure you include stain removal and damage repair in your instructions. If there are stains or other damage that did not exist when you moved in but are present when the keys are turned in, the tenant will be billed for the removal/repairs.

    For units where lawn care is a tenant responsibility, ensure the yard is freshly mowed, trimmed, edged, weeded (including flower beds), and all trash removed just prior to turning in keys. Also, replacing things such as, light bulbs, drip pans, filters, damaged outlet plates, door stops, smoke alarm or thermostat batteries, etc… will definitely cost less than having us bill you for parts and labor to do it for you. Finally, make sure to remove all cleaning supplies & personal property from the unit, close and lock all doors, and make sure all lights are turned off. Don’t forget to turn in both keys and all remotes.

    There is proof that following these tips will save you money. In the past two months, we’ve had four tenants get the full amount of their security deposit returned to them. They did so by fully complying with the move out cleaning checklist they were provided when they turned in their move out notice. We would like to thank these tenants for their caring and hard work.

Congratulations to the tenants that recently moved out from the following:

- Temora Loop

- North 3rd

- Shasta

- Katelyn

    It is our goal that all of our tenants receive their security deposits in full at move out. Admittedly, it doesn’t happen very often right now, but we would like to see that change. Hopefully, this blog will help you to receive your entire deposit back. It takes a lot of time and work to get a unit ready for the next tenant to move in. By doing the work themselves, some of our tenants were able to keep their security deposit and allowed us to move new tenants in faster; saving them and our owner’s money. What a wonderful world it would be if we could take keys from a tenant that just moved out and give them to a new tenant the next day.

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