What you need to get ready before applying for a lease – Armadillo Properties – Loan App Checklist

Lease Application Checklist

In general, the items you will need to supply with your Armadillo Properties lease application include:

The Application Fee - NO CASH

  • Check, Money Order, or Debit Cards* are acceptable
  • $35 for single person or married couples
  • $60 for non-married couple or roommates**
    *Debit payments incur a $3.50 processing fee.
    **Roommates are not accepted in single family homes. A maximum of 2 rooommates are allowed for multi-family properties. Each roommate must be able to qualify on his or her own.

Copy of your government/state issued ID

Recent pay stub or LES (last 30 days)

Supervisor's name and address or unit information

Completed and signed application (no blank fields)

  • All occupants over the age of 18 must complete and submit a seperate application.

Download Lease Application