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November 19th, 2012 1:24 PM

Have you ever spent hours, or even days cleaning a house or apartment when moving, only to have your landlord come in behind you and point out all the stuff you missed? Moving is hectic, and there are many, more important issues to remember other than "Did I clean the ceiling fan blades in the guest bedroom?" As professional property managers, we have experienced this scenario from our side way more than we like. We find ourselves constantly having to hire outside cleaning companies to come in behind tenants after they move out and get a property back up to the state it was in when that tenant moved took possession. In many cases, it isn't that the tenant left a place filthy. It's just that they may have forgotten a few items, or didn't get quite clean enough. Streaks, water spots, and residue from cleaning compounds are some of the usual culprits.

Unfortunately for the tenants, a cleaning team usually incurs a minimum charge, and this service is always billed to the tenant. Even more unfortunately for us, it sometimes results in a complaint or bad online review of our business; often charging that we are just looking for ways to cheat tenants out of their security deposits. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to what most tenants believe, we do not make a single penny in these situations. What the vendor charges us to clean the unit is exactly what the tenant is billed. Not a penny more.

When we hire outside cleaning companies, our sole purpose is to get the property back up to our standards for the next tenant who comes along. We have taken great measures to assist our tenants in meeting those standards, including providing a detailed move out cleaning checklist, move out cleaning tips in our Landlord's Rules and Regulations booklet, and our How to Protect Your Security Deposit blog which details ways to ensure a tenant gets a full refund.

We are excited to announce our latest effort to save our tenants time and money: our guaranteed, hassle free move out cleaning service. Tenants can now get a free estimate when they give their move out notice. If they choose to hire our cleaning team, all they have to do at move out is turn in the keys and we take care of the rest; allowing tenants to concentrate on more important things.* We offer this service to the general public as well, so no matter who your landlord is, we can help make your move-out process a little less stressful. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

(254) 547-0505

* Cleaning does not include removal of trash or personal items, nor does it include carpet cleaning. Other terms and restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.

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